Here is what happens when we lose all our teeth

So, often, the person who suffers from it is ready to do anything to get rid of it. However, tooth extraction can be problematic, and dentists around the world do not recommend it. Why is that ?
sitlol has decided to lead the investigation and discover if this is a subject that should concern us.
What happens when a person loses his teeth?
Our jaw is a sponge in which are blood vessels and the roots of our teeth. Thanks to the teeth, at the time of chewing, the bone receives the necessary load. This promotes metabolic processes, blood flow and fills oxygen tissues.
Therefore, we not only need our teeth to chew the food, but also to maintain the shape of the jaw. A person who has lost some or all of his teeth reduces the load on the bone tissue and blood supply. The bone also loses its density and volume. Its shape changes, it becomes smaller and narrower.
What happens next? During the first year following the loss of teeth, the width of the bone is reduced by 25% and its height by 4 millimeters. It seems that a prosthesis can solve this problem, but it is not.
The prosthesis only exerts pressure on the surface of the gums. The bone is not stimulated and does not rest on the inside, so the prosthesis only accelerates the loss of bone volume. The more a person uses his prosthesis, the faster the bone wears out.
How does this affect the physical aspect?
Not only does the jaw become brittle at the point where the teeth were extracted, but the general appearance of the face is also changed. Indeed, since the bone shrinks, it reduces the total height of the face, the malocclusion develops, and the chin moves forward. The ends of the mouth fall and the person’s face acquires a sad aspect.
This “effect” is mainly seen in elderly people who have lost all their teeth.
So here’s how the whole process goes
Now you fully understand why you need to take great care of your oral hygiene, and visit your dentist regularly. This will not only allow you to maintain your natural appearance, but also save a lot of money by not having to consult plastic surgeons afterwards. Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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